At Prime, Tack & Seal Co., we make safety a priority.  From the first day of their employment, each Prime, Tack & Seal driver begins a training program that familiarizes them with our trucks and applications, DOT rules and regulations, and safety measures on our job sites, in our shop and in our yard. During this intensive four-week introduction, experienced drivers will accompany any new driver and assume the role of mentors. All our drivers are expected to be a support group to any company employee that may need assistance.

We hold two Safety Meetings a year with our drivers, at which time we discuss safe practices and compliance information. There are times outside speakers will be brought in to demonstrate or provide information for the safe use of equipment and help us be prepared for unexpected incidents.

All members of our dispatch team have been drivers for the company, allowing for driver problems and safety issues to be resolved by a radio or phone call. With the dispatch team’s years of experience, the drivers at Prime, Tack & Seal Co. have a great support system readily available.

Vision Zero Compliance

Prime, Tack & Seal Co. is paving the way for the construction industry to help prevent injuries and fatalities from traffic crashes. All Prime, Tack & Seal Co. vehicles are fully compliant with the safety precautions recommended by Vision Zero Chicago.

Vision Zero is Chicago’s commitment to eliminating death and serious injury from traffic crashes by 2021. This comprehensive approach contains several guiding principals for all large vehicles to follow, beginning with the principle that traffic crashes are not “accidents,” and that many precautions may be taken to prevent them.

Prime, Tack, & Seal Co. incorporates all of these recommended precautions and proactively seeks to save lives and reduce injuries from traffic crashes. The safety of our workers, and those around us, is our highest priority. We understand that harm caused by traffic crashes is a public health issue. Our drivers take safety training courses to prevent, identify and avoid dangerous traffic situations.

Additionally, we equip all of our trucks with the latest tools and technology available to prevent injury or loss of life, including lateral protection devices (side rails), which prevent bikers or pedestrians from falling under the truck. We also use convex and crossover mirrors, which increase the driver’s field of vision, both in front and on the sides of the truck, by reducing blind spots.  Prime, Tack & Seal Co. is fully committed to traffic safety, saving lives and Vision Zero Chicago compliance. We make the roads safer for everyone.